Beyoncé Is Helping UNICEF Bring Clean Water To Children


BEYGOOD and support this campaign #BEYGOOD4BURUNDI

Beyoncé and her BEYGOOD Foundation are working with UNICEF to bring safe water to children and women in Burundi.

Burundi is a country in eastern Africa, and it is one of the most populated countries on the continent. The campaign will help provide clean drinking water and will create wells, healthcare facilities, and schools throughout the region.

In the press release, the superstar told UNICEF “access to water is a fundamental right. When you give children clean and safe water, you don’t just give them life, you give them health, an education, and a brighter future. I am committed to helping drive lasting solutions to the water crisis in Burundi.”

To learn more you may visit her website to learn more, and you may make donations here.

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