Lucy Hale Got A New Tattoo

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It was a very bright idea!

To celebrate the end of Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale decided to get a tattoo. Of course she would want to mark the end of her hit TV show in a meaningful way!

Lucy chose to get a small vintage light bulb tattoo on the back of her upper left arm. She posted a beautiful Instagram with an inspirational caption “Be the light” followed by a shout out to Dr. Woo, the tattoo artist. She also said it is her favorite tattoo so far and apologized to her mother because she got another tattoo!

The light bulb tattoo is the seventh addition to her collection of body art. Her other tattoos include a bow on her neck, the word ‘light’ on her left rib cage, “Catch the foxes for us” on her right rib cage with a crescent moon above the quote, and a sun on her back. She also has an ‘a’ on her right pointer finger in honor of her character in Pretty Little Liars.

The meaning of the tattoo has still not been revealed, but her caption suggests that it is a reminder to be the light!

Instagram/Photo: @lucyhale

Twitter: @lucyhale