Kendall Jenner’s New Beauty Hack Is Genius

2017-07-03 (2)

There are many differences between celebrities and normal people. Besides the obvious things, celebrities have money to spare to rub their $360 face serums on their stomach and call it a hack. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to scrap off the little excess we have left on our fingers of a $5 product so that we don’t have to buy another product.

However, Kendall Jenner has the perfect idea on what to do with what’s left of a product. Kendall’s makeup artist, Mary Phillips, recommends rubbing the leftover serum from your face onto your neck and chest to share the wealth all over your body. As many beauty guru’s know, you should be using product on your face, neck and chest.

So next time don’t feel too guilty about buying expensive face masks at the beauty store.

Instagram/Photo: @kendalljenner