Amazon Is Letting Customers Try On Clothes Before Buying Them


Amazon is finding the solution to a huge problem many online shoppers face.

It seems as though Amazon may be taking over the world. The company is solving all problems in the world of online clothes shopping by allowing customers to try on clothes before actually purchasing them.

This new feature, called Prime Wardrobe, allows you to shop online from Prime-verified retailers, ship three or more items to your house, and only pay for the clothes you want to keep. You then have seven days to give back the rest of the items. And if you happen to keep three to four of the pieces in the shipment you get 10 percent off each item. If you keep more than five, you get 20 percent off. What a great deal!

More than a million retailers are available through the new feature. But the feature isn’t everywhere yet.

Just make sure you don’t procrastinate because after the seven-day return period you’ll have to pay for all the items. But then again you’ll probably end up wanting all the items, so is it really that bad?

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