Selena Gomez Made A Country Song But You May Never Hear It

2017-07-02 (2)

Selena Gomez has warned us that her sound is forever evolving, but this is a sound we may have never thought we’d hear from her. Previously we’ve seen sultry pop and emotional ballads from her album, “Revival,” in “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo we heard a country/house vibe, and in her most recent single ‘Bad Liar” she dabbled a little bit in spoken-word.

Now it sounds like Selena is going to head in a country direction.

Country singer Thomas Rhett recently revealed that he has a collaboration with Selena on a track he hopes will appear on is latest album, set to release this coming September. “A lot of things need to go correct for it to work out,” Rhett stated. “But yes, Selena did sing a song of mine.”

While Selena is featured in the song, the two singers have never actually met in real life.

“I’ve actually never met Selena in person. I’ve only been able to talk to her over the phone but I was blown away just how super nice and respectful [she was], because I was terrified to talk to her, especially about the song,” Rhett shared. “Like, I was scared to say ‘Maybe if you try this’ to the biggest superstar that literally exists in this world and I’m just me?”

but before you pre-order the album, Rhett never confirmed that the song was going to be available.

“It’s still sort of up in the air if it’s going to actually make the record.”

Here’s to hoping we’ll get to hear it soon!

Instagram/Photo: @selenagomez