China Anne McClain Embraces Her Natural Beauty

chinaChina Anne McClain has inspired thousands of girls around the world to embrace their natural beauty; the movie star is continuing her self love pact with makeup-less selfies on Instagram. If you haven’t checked out McClain’s most recent social media post, you’re missing out. She posted three gorgeous photos whose caption stated, “Embrace the things about you that aren’t perfect. Don’t feel like you have to hide them. Embrace zits and acne scars. Embrace the stretch marks. Embrace that beautiful little crooked tooth. They are what make us unique and special. They are what make you, YOU”. She finished off her post with a hashtag reading #BattleScars. The young actress received praise from hundreds of followers with comments such as, “she isn’t perfect, she is REAL” and “love you, natural beauty”.

This isn’t the first time McClain has made a name for herself.  It was only a month ago when she posted a photo stating, “Why do we let everyone else tell us what we should look like? How to wear our hair? What we can’t do based on the color of our skin? Haven’t ever really worn my hair natural but I’m sick of straightening this magic. I’m a black girl and I’m hella proud”.

Only 18, McClain is inspiring for girls around the world. She constantly takes imperfections and finds their beauty. For a female living under Hollywood’s standards, it’s clear that this girl rocks. Follow her  Instagram for plenty of self-love posts.

Instagram/ Photo: @ChinaMcClain