ASOS Is Featuring Swimsuit Models With Stretch Marks and Scars

2017-07-03 (1)

Real women unite!

Many fashion brands have been put under fire for airbrushing and photo shopping their models and making them look completely unrealistic. The result of this such action has concluded in customers having unrealistic expectations and low-self esteem. But ASOS is going in a different direction by featuring models with stretch marks.

Fans of the brand have responded positively as expected, loving that they shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies and the “flaws” that come with them. That you should love yourself the way you are.

Some of their models even have birth marks and acne scars, and they look just as beautiful as ever.

ASOS has always been ever inclusive about different sizes. They premiered their plus-size line in 2010, and their men’s tall and plus-size earlier this year. But their latest act of including models without airbrushing is exactly what we need this day-in-age.

Every woman should learn to love their body the way it is, so go ahead and support self love and buy ASOS swimsuits to show your support.