Lily Collins Is In Great Shape

Lily  Collins will be on the cover of Shape Magazine for July/August 2017 and she looks great.

Lily shared her story with Shape Magazine about her eating disorder and how the disorder helped to change what being healthy means to her.

She said that she suffered from her eating disorder for years in silence without anyone knowing about it and it resulted in self-destructive behaviors. She shared the story in her book “Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.” She spoke with Shape Magazine giving a more in-depth view of her current lifestyle and how it has changed from the past. She now leads a healthy lifestyle by eating right and staying active in her daily life. She also admits to occasionally indulging in sweets.

Her latest film, To The Bone, follows a woman with an eating disorder who was sent to a rehab center for help. She said that playing that character was a new recovery for her while she was still on her own recovery path. She got to experience it as the character and learn from the character as opposed to moving backward in her progress. She also said that she is an open book and she can now talk about her struggles with her eating disorder and how it helps her to move forward. It does not define who she is as a person and it is not something of which she is afraid.

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