Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Will Get A Special In 2018

Sense8Get ready cluster, because you are getting a special conclusion.

The Netflix original series Sense8 was canceled on June 1, after only two seasons. This comes less than a month after the second season’s release and after a new addition to the sensates.

The show’s fans were not happy with this decision, and they immediately took to social media, using the hashtag #RenewSense8 and sharing a petition asking for more seasons of the show. It was to no avail, however, because a few days later the entertainment company informed the fans that they cannot bring back the show.

Surprisingly, the show will return in 2018 for a two-hour special, most likely to tie up the loose ends of the season 2 cliffhange. In an emotional letter written by show creator Lana Wachowski, she informed the fans that she too is heartbroken and has witnessed the fans’ passion through the petitions and requests to Netflix. She will however get the chance to share a special next year as a conclusion to the story, and some lingering questions will be answered. You may read the full letter below.


Be on the lookout for the release date of the special. Keep your fingers crossed as you await the conclusion to the sensates’ story.

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