Christian Louboutin Released Some Must-Have Nude Heels

19622981_1678046712235638_8896961815213244416_nLouboutin is taking nudes to new heights and you to nude heights!

Searching for “nude” heels can be quite difficult for some women because often the nude shades are too light or too dark. Christian Louboutin may have just solved that problem, but it will cost you!

The Louboutin shoe line has launched a new set of nude heels for women and the shades range from very light to very dark. as seen above. The models each sport a nude heel that matches their skin tone perfectly, which is something to celebrate and cheer for, hence the pom poms.

This shoe line is from the Spring/Summer 2017 Nudes collection and introduces seven new shades. The block heels are Platform Cherry Sandals and they go from number one, which is the lightest shade, to number seven, the darkest shade. These platforms have ankle straps, which according to the company’s Instagram account, adds to the illusion of bare skin. These shoes start at $895.00.


The nude collection also includes lace up heels, as seen below. These heels are also nudes and are new additions to the Christiviera Nude collection. These shoes start at $875.00.


Each collection gives each shade the same names. Starting from the lightest to the darkest nude, the names are “Lea Nue,” “Matilda,” “Nats,” “Maya,” “Safki,” “Ada,” and “Todou.”

These red bottoms will get you fashionable for the summer. You may view the collection here. Do you think the shoes are a bang for your buck?
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Instagram/Photos: @louboutinworld

Twitter: @LouboutinWorld