Get Excited For Oreo Cookies & Creme Candy Canes

2017-06-22 (1)

America’s favorite cookie is getting a makeover!

As soon as Christmas Day has passed, you’re probably already thinking about the next Christmas, and Oreo is thinking the same thing. With the first day of summer just passing, an Instagram account called Candy Hunting, which is known for sharing information about new junk food products, has revealed that Oreo Cookies & Creme Candy Canes will be joining the host of other wacky candy cane flavors created for the holiday season.

Sadly, there are about six months left until the holiday season arrives.

With Oreo constantly trying out new cookie flavors, there are very mixed reactions about this news. Some fans posted comments like “that’s going to be gross” and “Oreo cotton swabs next?” while the more optimistic fans commented “Christmas gonna be lit” and “finally something to look forward to in life.”

While Oreo’s parent company Nabisco hasn’t confirmed if this product is real, let’s hope it’s true because an Oreo Christmas is exactly what you need.

Until the product’s official release, you’re just going to have to settle with the good-ole classic double-stuffed Oreos.

Photo: Instagram/ @candyhunting

Instagram: @candyhunting/ @oreo

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