Interview with Skylar Stecker

_0474Glitter loves talking to teen pop singer Skylar Stecker, who was just named the “Next Big Thing” by Radio Disney. She has a new dance single out, “Only Want You,” and the main soundtrack song for Warner Bros big new teen movie Everything Everything. She’ll also be touring the US and meeting fans at select radio shows throughout the summer. She’s signed with Cherrytree Records, the same record label that developed Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding. There’s a ton coming for for Skylar, and we sat down with her to get the latest scoop on where you can find her next, and what she loves to do on her free time!


GLITTER: Last time we spoke, you said that your sound was pop with a little bit of R&B. Do you still think your sound is like that, or has it evolved?

SKYLAR: I do think that description still fits my upcoming music, although “Only Want You” is a little on the funkier side.


GLITTER:Have you worked with any of your celeb crushes?



GLITTER:Do you have a favorite song that you wrote, and why is it your favorite?

SKYLAR: My favorite song is “Only Want You,” but my favorite song that I wrote is a song called “Waiting all Day” that hasn’t been released yet.


GLITTER:What can you tell us about the song, “How Did We” for the new movie, Everything, Everything?

SKYLAR: “How Did We” is about going for something – whether it’s a relationship or taking a risk in life. It expresses the feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen but risking “Everything” for “Everything.”

GLITTER:Where do you find your inspiration?

SKYLAR: I am inspired by everything and everyone who makes me think outside my box.


GLITTER:What was your first single that you ever released?

SKYLAR: Rooftop was my first real release. I had written and recorded many songs before that but “Rooftop” was my official first single / video.


GLITTER:Tell us about your latest single, “Only Want You”… 

SKYLAR:“Only Want You” puts a light-hearted twist on being in a relationship with someone that you have high hopes for. However, when they disappoint you, it makes you think twice about if they are the person you really think they are.

GLITTER:Best advice you were ever given?

SKYLAR: To be myself and dare to dream.


GLITTER:Where can your fans find you next on the radio tour?  

SKYLAR: So far I have 7 summer shows on my calendar. The ones that have been released are San Francisco , Greenbay, Boston and Kansas City!


GLITTER:Is there someone you’d like to work with that you haven’t worked with already?

SKYLAR: Beyonce and Bruno hands down!


GLITTER:What do you enjoy during on your free time?

SKYLAR: When I have free time I honestly still use it to practice my piano, write, or go through upcoming shows. I love music so it doesn’t feel like work to me. If I am not doing that, then I’m usually catching up on Vampire Diaries.


GLITTER:How can fans follow you?

SKYLAR: Fans can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at Skylar Stecker or they can go to which will keep them up to date on everything.


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