Kylie Jenner’s Camo Collection is Here

kylie jenner

The Kylie Shop has released its new collection and everything’s almost sold-out!Kylie Jenner has been amping everyone up for the drop of her Camo Collection which was finally released at 10 AM PST June 8, 2017. Within hours of its release, every single one of the collection’s iconic camo bikinis sold out. Don’t worry though! There’s still some awesome stuff to choose from (for now) including camo sweatpants, dad hats, t-shirts, crop-tops, and even lighters. The camo print comes in three different colors: Green, Candy, and Orange. Everything is at a pretty affordable price too!

Destiny’s child helped make camo a popular look several years ago while they were in their prime. They sported the iconic camo look in various colors and looked amazing doing it. Their trend setting abilities continue to influence fashion today, and may have even influenced Kylie Jenner’s new line. Either way, this is a look you shouldn’t miss out on.

Check out the Camo Collection here.

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Instagram: @kyliejenner