Alicia Keys and Chris Blue win the Voice!

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The Voice Season Twelve winner is Chris Blue from Alicia Keys team, and if that was not inspiring enough, the message that came after was even more inspiring. Last night, Alicia Keys uploaded a video to Instagram expressing her gratitude for everyone who voted for Chris Blue and supported him throughout the show because they were the reason for his win. She explains that the world has received a gift with the win of Chris Blue due to his amazing talent. On Chris Blue Instagram, he has no words for this moment of gratitude and dreams come true.


Initially, Chris Blue, was not going to attend his audition because he was filled with doubt and a journey later he is now the winner of The Voice. Alicia Keys uses this in her video on Instagram to inspire others to pursue their dreams even in those moments of doubts. We never know when our dreams are going to come true, but if we work towards them we are more than capable of making it happen.


These words of inspiration and knowing that even those we admire go through moments of doubt, could be used to help push and dedicate time and effort towards our dreams to create the life we aspire to live.

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