Watch Out For Fox’s New “It” Girl

natalie 2

With her Kate Upton looks and acting chops, Natalie Alyn Lind is slowly making her way through the television industry.

Fox has finally decided to dig deeper into the superhero narrative through the highly anticipated premiere of The Gifted. The show will be set in the same universe that the X-Men series were set in. With Agents of Shield on ABC, Legion on FX, and Jessica Jones on Netflix, it’s about time that the network has decided to expand their creative grounds.

What’s actually intriguing about it is the network’s relative newbie, Natalie Alyn Lind. Making her major debut appearance on the Batman inspired television series, Gotham, she played a master manipulator of sorts. Before that, she had been quietly building her acting resume in the background, and it seems like it’s been paying off. She’s already gained quite the popularity on Instagram for her flawless work as a model.

In The Gifted, she will be playing a much more central role as one of the mutants who is forced to keep her superhuman abilities secret. We can’t wait to see her acting abilities play out onscreen and her other future career endeavors!

Instagram/Photo: @natalynlind

Twitter: @NatalieAlynLind