Maroon5’s ‘Sugar’ hits 2 billion views on VEVO


The song you’ve been jamming to in your head is booming online and Maroon5 is ecstatic.

With the pop song being played on every radio station, it’s hard to ignore. The music video to ‘Sugar’ has caught the attention of Maroon5 fans all around the world.

The plot to ‘Sugar’ is different from the average music video. Looking spiffy in tuxedos, Maroon5 surprises newly weds throughout Los Angeles on their big day. As the band plays at multiple weddings, it’s hard not to fall more in love with the artists.

To spice things up, Maroon5 revealed that only the grooms knew in order to surprise their brides. It’s no wonder the group of six has received such praise throughout their years making music.

Maroon5 announced their accomplishment with a tweet stating, “Thanks to everyone who has watched our ‘Sugar’ video. Crossing the 2 billion mark is an amazing feat.” This wouldn’t be the first time Maroon5 reached a staggering amount of views; with hits like ‘One More Night’ and ‘Moves Like Jagger’, the group continues to amaze the music industry.

As ‘Sugar’ continues to make its way to the top, take a look at the must-watch video of the summer today.

Twitter/ Photo: @maroon5