Malibu Girl

miley 1

We are so happy to see our girl, Miley Cyrus, looking as happy and healthy as ever in her latest interview on the Zach Sang Show.

Whether it’s that new glow she’s been sporting around, her natural hair starting to make a reappearance, or her recent pledge of sobriety, she looks absolutely radiant! Not only did she give us new details about her upcoming album, but she also talked about what really inspired her single, “Malibu”. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she looked to none other than her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, for artistic inspiration.

Miley even talked about her lowest moments, poking fun at her “Wrecking Ball” stage. Although she’s always been known as an artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously, it’s great to see a genuine side of her that is true to herself and the things she has always been passionate about. It’s been a while since fans saw a side of Miley that wasn’t always rambunctious and rebellious as everyone made her out to be.

Check out the interview below to get the inside scoop on her latest artistic endeavors!

Instagram/Photo: @mileycyrus

Twitter: @MileyCyrus