Lucy Hale Featured in New TV Show


Lucy Hale is promoting her new TV show Life Sentence and you need to take a look at the preview. 

The ever so lovely Hale has Pretty Little Liar fans excited to see what the actress has in store for her upcoming TV show. With the trailer now out, the new comedy Life Sentence will have you eager for the first episode.

The shows protagonist, Stella, lives everyday like it’s her last while she awaits her cancerous death. Stella and her family are in for a shock when they find out she’s been cured. Secrets are revealed and sacrifices are made that Stella has to live with. The show uses a colon in the word “l;fe” to prove that it goes on. At a glance, Life Sentence seems like a binge worthy show for any movie or TV fanatic.

The CW is beyond excited to feature a proud Hale in their new show. The actress received praise from thousands of Pretty Little Liars viewers because they couldn’t get enough. If Life Sentence is anything like Hale’s last show, you’d be a fool not to check it out.

Catch the preview of Life Sentence. There’s no question you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Twitter/ Photo: @LucyHale