Kendall and Kylie Will Launch Second Line


It’s time for the most iconic sisters in Hollywood to launch their next line. 

Kendall and Kylie fans will be lined up to see what the duo has in store for them this time. Fashionistas everywhere are talking about what could possibly be the line of the summer. The dynamic duo continue to promote their new collection with tweets and Instagram captions stating, “DropTwo”.  It’s no surprise the anticipation is on; fans around the world need to get more of their fabulous collection. Kendall’s soft and sweet attitude mixed with Kylie’s sexy and dangerous look work together for a seemingly perfect clothing line.

Referring to the spring collection, the Kendall and Kylie line features more than just average clothing. The company progressed and this summer you can expect to see body suits that work with any shape. With the sun beating down, fitted high-waisted shorts are a must have. Bags, shoes, and accessories will definitely be in style; these sisters don’t mess around when it comes to dressing up. As the opening date gets closer, fans expect nothing but the best from Kendall and Kylie’s latest line.

Mark your calendar for May 22 so that you can find the summer collection online or at Pacsun. Get your fashion on this season with Kendall and Kylie.

Twitter/ Photo: @KendallandKylie