Who’s That Girl? It’s Jess!

new girl

Surprise! New Girl has been renewed for a seventh season, but sadly, it will be the last.

The show’s always been a fan favorite among a various age range of audiences, so we are so sad to see it go. Last season, audiences saw Nick and Jess finally rekindle their on and off again relationship. Everyone seems to be moving on towards bigger and better things in their lives. It’s been awesome seeing Jess grow into the amazing woman she is as of this past season.

When we first saw her, she was a bit of a mess: her boyfriend of six years dumped her, and she found her roommates on Craigslist. What’s great about this show is that we’ve seen her through the worst, and we’ve seen her through her best moments. It really shows that women can make a mess of themselves, but can always power through no matter what the circumstances are. Ultimately, New Girl is all about Jess—a quirky, adorkable girl who lives her life on her own unconventional terms. We can’t thank Zoeey Deschanel enough for giving life to such a relatable person, someone who we have come to love and adore. Let’s see what’s in store for our favorite girl next season!

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