Lady Gaga Promotes Joanne at Urban Outfitters


The queen speaks… Gaga wants you to head over to Urban Outfitters for some exclusive clothing from her new line, Joanne. 

In case you live under a rock, Joanne is Gaga’s fifth studio album. After it’s release in October of 2016, soft rock and pop music lovers have been obsessed. It only makes sense that Gaga would release clothing for her latest album at Urban. The artist has always lived life on the edge and Joanne embraces that. Gaga’s fashion sense is unique and grungy, a perfect addition to the Urban collection. The Grammy winning artist made sure her line reflected not only her album, but the personality of her fans. 

The widely known artist promoted her line on twitter and her fans seem impatient. With thousands of retweets and favorites, Urban is sure to be packed weeks after the line drops. 

If you’re a Gaga fan, it’s no surprise that you can’t hold your excitement until then. No worries. Urban has some options waiting for you exclusively chosen by Gaga herself. Find graphic tees and hoodies you’ll love showing off.

The line drops May 19th at 5pm in stores. For online shoppers, head over to Urban’s website on May 22nd.

Twitter/ Photo: @ladygaga