Katy Perry Announces New Album ’Witness’


It’s been four years and Katy Perry is at it again with more music. 

Perry recently announced her new album ‘Witness’ and verified the tour. The pop artist made an album with a purpose; twitter confirmed that Perry is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. To help raise money for the foundation, every ticket sold will contribute $1 to help children and teens hang out in a safe environment.

To show how serious she was about the cause, Perry took a visit to the Boys & Girls Clubs; there she danced, read, and spoke to different children about her upcoming tour and album.

An ecstatic Perry has been promoting nonstop about her upcoming album. Perry tweets, “Become a verified fan and get the first shot at the best seats to #WITNESSTHETOUR”. Fans are raving about the cheap ticket prices.

Whether it be ticket prices or the messages vocalized in her album, Perry is using her power to help influence the lives of younger people.

The Witness Tour has everybody talking and Katy wants you to have fun while supporting a noble cause. Buy your tickets for the Witness tour now and the Witness album on June 9th.

Twitter/ Photo: @katyperry