Harry Styles and James Corden All Week Long

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Harry Styles kicks off his week-long takeover of The Late Late Show and you do not want to miss it!

We love seeing Harry Styles as much as we can, so we LOVE this week-long duo. To kick off the first night, James Corden was shooting fruit at Harry, but it is all ok! This was all part of a game called Flinch.

The point of the game is to have people [Harry] to stand behind that glass and not flinch when James spits at them. However, they added a twist to the game last night. Since everyone playing the game is from England, they decided to put a British spin to things. During last night’s round of Flinch, Harry had to maintain a stiff upper lip while enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Right before this messy game they announced another episode of the infamous Carpool Karaoke! That’s right this Thursday, we will get to watch Harry Styles singing along to the radio. If you close your eyes it’ll almost be like we are they in the car beside him, right?? One can only dream.

Shoutout to The Late Late Show for letting all of our dreams come true. Those dreams being Harry Styles on our televisions overnight for an entire week.

It was an incredible first night of a crazy week, and we CANNOT wait to see what will happen next! Maybe Harry will just decide to stay on the show forever. Who wouldn’t want the satisfaction of knowing they will see Harry Styles at the same time every night??

Instagram/Photo: @latelateshow