Check Out Maybelline’s New Brow Pencil


Maybelline New York just came out with a brow pencil and you’re going to need it- no questions asked.

With eyebrows being one of the important parts of the makeup process, cosmetic companies are stepping up their game. The Brow Precise Micro Pencil just dropped and the term “eyebrows on fleek” is an understatement. With three different colors (soft brown, blonde, and deep brown) perfecting your eyebrows is finally possible.

Shape them, fill them, blend them. Maybelline announced their new brow pencil on twitter, describing it as the perfect makeup tool for an all natural look. As if flawless brows aren’t enough, Maybelline priced the pencil at an affordable $8. From the looks of it, makeup fanatics approve of the new pencil with tons of favorites and retweets.

Pro makeup artist and YouTube star Eman modeled her thick and full eyebrows after using the micro pencil; the results were fabulous. Her natural look wass easily achieved with the new eyebrow tool.

To show off their new product Maybelline New York tweeted, “Our girl @EmanMakeup gets her perfect, natural looking brows using our Brow Micro Pencil”.

It’s no doubt this is a must-have makeup product. Get the brows of your dreams today.

Twitter/ Photo: @maybelline