The Quest to Find AD Continues #PLLEndGame

PLL EndGame

5 Things to know before Pretty Little Liars returns from its hiatus. *Contains spoilers

The second and final half of season 7 of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars is in full swing. So much and so little has been revealed since its return, so here are some facts that you should know before the show returns from its one-week break.

  • Aria is a total badass BUT a sell-out
    • Aria and Ezra’s relationship hangs in the air since Nicole’s return and she is scrambling to make it and her life work. Aria has a secret that she wants to keep hidden from Ezra, as revealed by AD, so she decides to work with Sydney- Jenna’s friend- to opt out of her turn on the boardgame from AD. Before their slippery agreement, Aria exchanged strong words with Syndey and it even got physical.
  •  Hannah is truly not having the best of times.
    • Hannah’s design that would have given her her big break was deemed stolen from her former boss. To make matters worse, she missed an investment meeting after Caleb was knocked out by gas after messing with the boardgame. She lost her first try on the board and was instructed to go again after Aria’s deal with Sydney.
  • Emily has the worst timing
    • Paige, Emily’s ex-girlfriend, returned to Rosewood and she has been a persona non grata to Alison ever since. Paige has been trying to get Emily’s attention and finally succeeded which led to them reconciling. Of course, that did not last long for Emily. In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, Emily received some shocking news that could affect this relationship.
  • Alison got a one up from AD
    • Alison thought she was pregnant with her estranged husband’s child, but it was revealed that she might be carrying Emily’s child. Alison was all set to get an abortion prior to her receiving the news. Emily’s eggs were stolen at the beginning of 7A until now. Emily is now left to make a tough decision.
  • Spencer is still in search for Mary Drake
    • Mary Drake is still missing and Spencer is still vigorously searching for her. She also started a relationship with the detective on her case. The endgame mate for her is still unknown because Toby’s wife died and there might be a reconciliation with the two.

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