DJ Khaled’s The One


DJ Khaled released a new video for I’m The One!

DJ Khaled has dropped another one. Khaled assembled various artists- including Justin Bieber, Quavo from Migos, Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper- to perform on his new single I’m The One.  DJ Khaled formed his own musically diverse boy band to create a masterpiece that blends well together despite the differences in musical stylingThe new single was also released with a video. Justin Bieber sings the chorus, and the video is centered around a pools. The song has a tropical vibe to it, that is most likely inspired by DJ Khaled’s roots in Miami.

DJ Khaled released an album in 2016 called Major Key, a term that was popularized by him using his Snapchat account to share “primary keys” to success on a daily basis. It has been less than a year since it’s release and Khaled will be dropping another one on a date that is yet to be determined.

The new album will be called Grateful and has many features from well-known artists across the continental US. So far, two singles have been released with the lead single being Shining which has a rare feature that has both Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, as the musical artists. The surprising news about this single and the new album is that it is executive produced by Asahd Khaled, DJ Khaled’s six-month-old son. Watch the video below.

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