Fear Factor Lives Again


Who’s excited?

MTV announced its decision to bring back the show Fear Factor with rapper Ludacris as its new executive producer and host. Fear Factor was previously hosted by Joe Rogan back in 2001.

The new Fear Factor is said to be less about eating gross things but will bring back the adrenaline-pumping stunts with a twist.

“MTV is about celebrating youth culture, and with the reinvented Fear Factor, we are putting the power in our audience’s hands to face and overcome their biggest fears,” MTV, VH1 and Logo president Chris McCarthy told The Hollywood Reporter. “We are thrilled to partner with Ludacris, one of the biggest global stars who has a rich history with MTV, to energize this franchise for a whole new generation.”

“We are updating the challenges that will include fresh physical stunts and mental challenges, relevant to today’s culture,” McCarthy told THR. “Each episode will provide contestants the platform to test their physical, emotional and mental strength, as well as the opportunity to overcome their biggest fears. No two episodes will be alike. We’re not about grossing out for gross-out sake. This is an adrenaline-filled show that is about testing physical, mental and emotional strength, as well as the ability to overcome our biggest fears.”

Fear Factor is expected to premiere May 30 at 10 pm.