Candice Huffine’s New “Elle” Cover



Candice Huffine has been in the fashion industry for 16 years, however her new cover for Elle magazine marks the first time she has landed the honor of fronting an issue in America, which marks a major milestone for curvy models everywhere as well as a continued shift for the modeling industry.

Huffine posted her cover photo along with this caption to her Instagram: “For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of being a model. Anytime there was an opportunity to write down my future goals in class it was ‘move to New York City and become a fashion model.’ There was no plan B for me. So my body type wasn’t ideal measurements, minor detail. 😉 I refused to be told I couldn’t become what I had always imagined and committed myself to working tirelessly for the day when my size wouldn’t dictate my possibility. I hope this cover can serve as a symbol for anyone who believes they can, that they are, that they will be. If you wake up every morning and can think of nothing but your dream, follow it and never stop. I am honored and so thrilled to share with you the cover of @elleusa!! Proud to be alongside @bellahadid, @jastookes, @hoskelsa,”