5 Things to Know before the #PLLEndGame premiere


Want a recap of all that happened during PLL’s seven seasons?

Pretty Little Liars has come to an end after seven seasons and 150 episodes on air with answers to the one question on everyone’s mind, WHO IS AD? ‘AD’ is A’s copycat or better yet, A 2.0. The identity of the mysterious ‘A’ was the main question for six seasons and has allowed for a lot of fan theories. ‘A’ has taken on many different faces and character from Mona, Alison, but was revealed to be Charles/Charlotte.

AD’s debut caused rifts in relationships and has revealed more information about the characters. #PLLEndgAme is the theme 1o remaining episodes as the various characters figure out what will be the endgame to their relationships. Here are five things you should know before the premiere:

1. Aria and Ezra (EZRIA)

Ezra and Aria’s relationship has seen a lot of ups and downs throughout the seasons. They rekindled their romance a was engaged until Nicole- Ezra’s girlfriend who was presumed to be dead- was found alive in Colombia. The fate of Ezria’s relationship hangs in the air after Aria deletes a phone call she received on Ezra’s phone from Nicole.

2. Hanna and Caleb (HALEB)

Hanna and Caleb went their separate way when Hanna chose her career over. Hanna got engaged to Jordan while Caleb dated Spencer, but the romances were short lived. Haleb reunited in 710 and they are left to figure out what path they should take in the final episodes of the series.

3. Spencer and Toby (SPOBY)

Spencer and Toby’s relationship ended and Toby is now engaged to Yvonne. Spoby shared a kiss before Toby was to leave town and he later crashed into a tree with Yvonne in the truck.

4. Spencer and her ‘mother’

Mary Drake revealed in 710 that she is Spencer’s (real) mother after Spencer was shot by a mysterious figure in black. The identity of Mary Drake’s child was in question through season 7, so what will come of this relationship in the #EndgAme?

5. Emily and Alison (EMISON)

Emison got intimate after Alison’s husband (Elliot) was revealed to be Charlotte’s ex-lover. Also, Alison is pregnant with Elliot’s baby.

What is the fate of Ezria, Haleb, Spoby and Emison on #PLLEndgAme? Find out on the season 7B premiere on April 18 at 8 PM on Freeform.

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