Pepsi is Under Fire for Glamorized Protest Commercial

When you think of people putting their life on the line for human rights, risking arrest, police brutality and bodily harm, you don’t really align that with an ice cold Pepsi and a smile. Most protestors are not out dancing in the street and smiling like the resistance is a Harry Potter cloak of the day.

Pepsi’s new two minute commercial for their “Live For Now” campaign, eerily reminds us of Leshia Evans, the NYC nurse who so bravely traveled to Baton Rouge and stood opposite the militarized police line, only to find herself arrested for marching for her rights. Maybe Pepsi, could have shown a more realistic march or protest and left out the product placement of the ice cold bucket of soda, or maybe not touched the subject matter at all.

Pepsi’s product placement is very awkward to some and caused #PepsiGate to trend on twitter. Kendall Jenner who stars in the campaign is intelligent and has spoken up for causes, but she’s also young. She may not understand how there is some subject matter that shouldn’t be used to market soda. We hold Pepsi responsible for this use of protest to sell product and wonder how diverse their creative team really is. Watch it and let us know what you think.

Screen Capture: Copyright Pepsi “Live For Now” Campaign