Where is the love, Meals on Wheels May Lose Funding under Trump

shutterstock_53672152The latest news from the White House, is that plans are being made to cut funding to the Community Development Block Grant program, which means that funds will be limited for programs like Meals on Wheels and valuable after school programs.

The press conference was captured on Facebook live by CNN. Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget chief, defended proposed cuts to the Meals on Wheels program, which provides food to senior citizens. Mulvaney continued to explain that the program is one of many, that is “just not showing any results.” A simple Google search would easily depute that statement.

How is this going down you say? Trump’s administration plans to cut $3 billion from the Community Development Block Grant program, which currently provides money for community development and anti-poverty programs. This includes, Meals on Wheels. If the money isn’t there, it can’t fund Meals on Wheels and various programs.

This is devastating for those in need who rely on hot meals delivered to their doorstep, many who are unable to even leave their home. Many students receive meals that are most likely the only hot meal they will receive that day with after school programs.

According to Meals on Wheels they are “a nationwide network of community-based, non-profit programs dedicated to providing seniors in their communities with the support that enables them to remain living in their own homes, where they want to be. This support is typically a nutritious meal, a friendly visit and a quick safety check.” (AmericanLetsDoLunch.Org)

Mick Mulvaney stated that individual states should decide where to put their dollars. With the slash in federal funding to states, there isn’t really a choice, there will be cuts to Meals on Wheels.

Who will lose out? Meals on Wheels states this on the below as their mission:

“We serve more than 2.4 million seniors from 60 to 100+ years old each year. These are our loved-ones, parents, grandparents, veterans and neighbors. They are primarily older than 60 and because of physical limitations or financial reasons, have difficulty shopping for or preparing meals for themselves. From rural communities to urban centers across the country, hardly any senior is beyond our reach. More than half a million of the people we serve are veterans. 64% of clients are women. 40% live in poverty. 100% would love to meet you.” (AmericanLetsDoLunch.Org)

Only time will tell what will happen to these Americans so desperately in need of a hot meal.

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