Interview with Dyllan Murray

Dyllan-MurrayGlitter recently caught up  with rising pop star, Dyllan Murray. This amazing singer and performer just finished the Popnation Summer Tour, where he was on tour with Frankie Z, Round2Crew, Sweet Suspense, Caron Lueders, The Fooo Conspiracy, After Romeo, Chris Miles, The Bomb DigZ and Katelyn Jae. Glitter asked Dyllan to describe his sound, who he’d love to collaborate with, his new single, “Firecracker,” something his fans might not know about him (P.S. it’s a great one), and his definition of self-love. Read on to find out more about this rising pop star who has stolen our hearts!

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?

DYLLAN: I would describe my sound as very pop with a little R&B In it.  I’m trying to switch it up so it’s different every song, id say.


GLITTER: Who would you like to collaborate with?

DYLLAN: I think I would love to collaborate with Shawn Mendes. I said it a lot now, hes a really talented artist and he’s a really good song writer so I think it would be cool to work with him.


GLITTER: What’s your favorite place that you have performed at to date?

DYLLAN: Like anywhere?


GLITTER: Yes, anywhere.

DYLLAN: I would say the (embassy??) theater in NYC. I did that like a couple weeks ago and it was the biggest show that I’ve done in years- oh, no that’s not true. But it was really loud and the fans were awesome so I think that was cool.


GLITTER: What can you tell us about your single,“Firecracker?”

DYLLAN: I can say it just came out and it’s a very summery, fun song and I’m just excited for more people to hear about it.


GLITTER: Do you plan on releasing any albums soon? What do you have going on in the works?

DYLLAN: I’m working on an EP right now and in the next week I’m releasing a different version of “Firecracker” with Tyga on it so that’s coming out super soon.


GLITTER: What’s your favorite summer outdoor activity?

DYLLAN: Probably swimming. Swimming by far.


GLITTER: What are some things your fans don’t know about you (that you’re willing to tell us!)?

DYLLAN: I have three tattoos. A lot of people don’t know about that.


GLITTER: Awesome! Can you tell us what any of them are?

DYLLAN: Yeah! I have a music note on my wrist. And then I have a heart right [here].


GLITTER: Any special meaning?

DYLLAN: No, the music note just for music and the heart well, I’ve actually seen a lot of people with it so I said it looks cool I might as well do it!


GLITTER: We have a lot of teen readers and we have a #SelfLove Campaign© going on with Cody Simpson and so many big stars that have chimed in. Can you tell us what self love means to you? Why it’s important?

DYLANN: I would say self-love is great because I do it a lot and I hope a lot of other people do it because it makes them feel better about themselves. Just never be down and always believe that anything’s possible. Never give up on your dreams.