Have Luscious Hair for CHEAP, Coconut Oil


You heard it!Hair is a tricky subject to address, only because everyone’s is different. There are so many types and textures of hair. Color damaged, frizzy, stick straight, curly, long, short, etc. The list goes on and on! Recommending one product for every woman’s hair is nearly impossible! Except for this one! This is a household item, and is sold at most health food stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, even Wal-Mart carries a good variety! The mystery miracle worker is (drum roll please…) COCONUT OIL! This oil, that can also be used as an alternative to chemically altered cooking oils, can also magically help your hair looks its best! (Just make sure you purchase the organic kind to ensure the best results!) Just get a nickel sized amount in your palms, rub together to warm, and run through the middle to the ends of your hair. Try to stay away from putting any on the roots, it’s you’re going to wear your hair down.

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