Blonde Locks Looking a Little Dull, Clairol Can Help


If you’re blonde, you know the struggle.Over the summer, being exposed to too much sunlight, chlorine, and salt water can make your blonde highlights super light sometimes almost a little green. We’ve been there before and it sucks. Good news! One product can help bring your gold hair back to life! Purple shampoo, is a shampoo specifically created to fight brassiness and bring the shimmer back to dull blonde hair! The purple combats any yellow in your hair and tones the hair to create a beautiful shimmery ash blonde color. Our favorite purple shampoo is Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo, but there are many out there. (Make sure you opt for the shampoo only, the conditioner doesn’t help much.) If your hair is extremely brassy, apply the shampoo liberally all over your hair (don’t let it lather into suds,) and leave it in for about an hour.


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