Interview with Aidan Alexander

Glitter recently sat down with actor and comedian, Aidan Alexander, to talk about what he loves most about acting, what kind of videos he likes featuring on his YouTube channel, what he likes most about fashion and his upcoming projects with SEVENTEEN Magazine and Awesomeness TV. Read on to find out more about this social influencer who is going places quickly. 
Photo credit: Brandon Sapp
GLITTER: What do you love most about acting?  
AIDAN: The opportunity to temporarily live another life, and bring a new character to life.
GLITTER: Would you ever consider being a comedian full time?  
AIDAN: No, I will stick to acting, haha.
GLITTER: What kind of videos do you like to post on your YouTube channel?  
AIDAN: I love to make people laugh and I love to showcase my style so funny videos and lifestyle videos are definitely my specialty.
GLITTER: What kind of work are you doing with the teen charity, DoSomething?  
AIDAN: I work with DoSomething to help end bullying ,which is very important to me. I’m working on their newest initiative “The Bully Text”. They do a ton of amazing things, but I work closely with them on anti-bullying.
GLITTER: What other charities have you worked with?  
AIDAN: NOH8, the campaign is a “photographic silent protest and charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, social media and visual protest.”I’ve also teamed up with the new brand, “Brand Water is Better,” on their #ReTree movement – for every #ReTree hashtag posted, they plant two trees! But as an activist I always look for more things I can help out and be involved in.
GLITTER: What can you tell us about your projects with Seventeen Magazine and Awesomeness TV? 
AIDAN: My project with Seventeen Magazine is super fun. I’m very excited to see the outcome. I have a lot of amazing things in the works for everyone also.
GLITTER: What do you like doing when you have free time?  
AIDAN: I love reading. I’m a big reader. I also really enjoy swimming and hiking. Anything that gets me out of the house and seeing pretty things.
GLITTER: What do you like most about fashion?  
AIDAN: What I enjoy most is the idea of self-expression through a daily necessity- getting dressed – If we have to get dressed every single day, why not have our clothes be an accurate representation of our personality? If I’m feeling like I can conquer the world that day, I’ll wear one thing, and if I’m trying to be serious another day, I’ll wear something else. It’s art.
GLITTER: Who inspires you?
AIDAN: Leonardo Dicaprio. He’s such an incredible actor and he inspires me to push myself to be better.
GLITTER: Do you have anything your fans might not know about you? 
AIDAN: I’m a pretty open book. I’m working on music in the near future, not all of them know that.
GLITTER: Any new projects in the works that you can tell us about? 
AIDAN: A lot of it’s hush hush, but let’s just say you can all expect a LOT of great content from a lot of different places.
GLITTER: How can fans follow you?
AIDAN: Fans can follow me on any of my social media.
Twitter: @aidanjalexander
Instagram: @aidanalexander
Snapchat: whataidan
 YouTube channel





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