Interview with Lexi Atkins


Actress, Lexi Atkins, recently sat down with Glitter to discuss how she got into acting, what it’s like being on CW’s The Messenger, what it was like being the first runner-up in the Miss Teen USA back in 2010, her hidden talents and what it’s like to be an ambassador for ZAO Cosmetics. 


GLITTER: How did you get into acting? 

LEXI: I’ve been a performer all of my life so I feel like I’ve always been acting in some way or another. I grew up on a traveling dance team and we would go around the US and compete nationally, so I’ve been used to being on a stage since I can remember. My first time ever actually “acting” would be when I was the lead in the musical, Footloose, my sophomore year of high school. After that I truly fell in love with not only dancing on stage but performing as an actress/singer. I then went to Chicago to study for a year before I made the move to LA, and took as many acting and improv classes as I could!


GLITTER: What is it like being on the CW’s The Messenger?

LEXI: It’s been an amazing experience working on the CW’s TV series, The Messenger! It is my first TV experience so it’s all been very new to me! I’ve felt so lucky to be a part of such an amazing cast and crew!! They’re all so great to work with and I’m really happy with how the show is turning out!


GLITTER: Who do you play?

LEXI: I play Alice in the show! She goes to high school with Peter and is one of his close friends, who seems to have turned into a bit of a love interest right off the bat! Peter is played by Joel Courtney who is such a talented actor! I love working with him!


GLITTER: What other shows or movies have you been on in the past?

LEXI: I’ve never been on any other shows in the past, The Messengers was very first! I’m a lot more used to the movie sets. My first movie I was EVER a part of actually was years ago in the movie, The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn! I had a very small role and played one of the family members during one of the dinner scenes, lol. Since then I’ve played the lead in Zombeavers which was my first role that i booked after I moved to LA. Since then I’ve gone on to be in The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez, Some Kind of Hate, Ted 2, and a few other smaller indies in between!


GLITTER: What was it like being the first runner up in the Miss Teen USA back in 2010? Did you start out in pageants?

LEXI: My first pageant was when I won the title of Miss Illinois USA 2010 to then go on to Miss Teen USA! My mom used to compete in the same pageants when she was younger which was how I heard about it to begin with. What really sparked my interest was finding out that if you do win Miss Teen USA, then you get to go to the New York Film Academy, so I thought that was my way out of Champaign, where I’m from, to start my acting career (ahead of schedule since my parents wouldn’t let me move out until I was 18)! Competing at Miss Teen USA and placing was such an awesome experience that I truly will never forget! It was definitely the highlight of my year.


GLITTER: Would you ever be a comedian?

LEXI: YES! I would love to. A lot of my training has been in the comedy world! I basically took every class Second City has to offer when i lived in Chicago. I also trained a lot at Improve Olympics there as well so I’ve definitely caught the comedy bug. It’s a lot harder than I ever expected though, especially stand up! I took a stand up intensive one summer and it was the most fun I’ve ever had embarrassing myself, haha!


GLITTER: Do you have any hidden talents?

LEXI: I’m extremely flexible and double jointed.


GLITTER: What is it like being an ambassador for ZAO Cosmetics?

LEXI: It’s been great! I’m SO, SO happy to finally find a makeup that I don’t dread putting on! My skin is extremely sensitive and my whole life I’ve had a hard time wearing makeup because it usually irritated my skin and made me break out! ZAO is the first makeup I’ve used that doesn’t do that AND its 100% organic! In my opinion you really can’t beat that! I love getting to be a part of such an amazing brand that doesn’t compromise your health, the health of animals, or the health of the planet. ZAO also leaves a low carbon footprint and has an innovative refile system! If you haven’t heard of ZAO yet I highly recommend checking us out at


GLITTER: What is your favorite food?

LEXI: Is Chocolate a food? Then chocolate!


GLITTER: Do you juice as well?

LEXI: Yes, I juice every single day! I find it extremely important to stay healthy not only for myself but it’s also part of my job! Juicing has really changed my life, and I’ve truly never felt better! I try to stay away from juicing fruits though, I’m all about the greens, greens, greens!


GLITTER: What’s your definition of self-love?

LEXI: To me self-love is acceptance of oneself, and respect of ones self-worth and heart.



GLITTER: What other projects are you currently working on now?

LEXI: I’ve been working on a lot of music lately! So I’m really excited to finally be releasing some music in the near future!!


GLITTER: Do you have any plans for the summer?

LEXI: I plan to get outside as much as possible! I’ve been working so much lately and haven’t had much time to really get out in nature! So that’s honestly been at the top of my list, to just be able to dedicate more time to unplugging from the craziness we call life sometimes!






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