Interview with Jane Buckingham

Glitter recently sat down with expert, Jane Buckingham, founder and CEO of Trendera and bestselling author of The Modern Girls Guide to Life, to talk about her background, her new show on ABC Family, Job or No Job, and the biggest faux pas that many young adults make when trying to get a job. Jane has some sage advice so read on to find out more about the new show and her best advice to anyone trying to get a new job.


GLITTER: What is your background?

JANE: My passion for understanding young people began when I was younger. I wrote a book about teenagers when I was 17 called “Teen Speak Out,” about my generation (Gen X); and ever since then I have been trying to understand the generations and explain them to each other. My first company, Youth Intelligence, focused on the Generations, Marketing, and Trends. After selling that company, I started Trendera (my current company), which has a similar focus, and also focuses on Millenials in the workplace and helping companies understand how to handle having four generations in the same organization. We also help Millenials know how to integrate into today’s work environment. In addition, I continue to pursue my passion in writing, with The Modern Girls Guide to Life (which was thankfully a bestseller and a TV Series on the Style Network), The Moderrn Girls Guide to Motherhood, and The Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations.

GLITTER: Where did the idea for Job or No Job come from? 

JANE: The show came from realizing that young people today are facing a challenging situation when it comes to entering the work world, They don’t know how to interview, and they are often misperceived and stereotyped by the people who may be hiring them! And we wanted to help Millenials not only get their feet in the door, but give them the tools and skills they would need to GET the jobs…And hopefully by helping the people on the show, the lessons would help educate the people watching…It’s really amazing, in a recent survey we did at Trendera among Millenials, 44% said they felt they felt that their last level of school left them NOT AT ALL well prepared to get a job. 1/3 said they thought they were more likely to get hit by a bus than their dream job and 52% think it’s ok to ask what the salary is in a first interview (something experts say is a classic no-no)…Not to mention 40% think it’s ok to have at least one typo on their resume! So it’s clear Millenials can benefit from some advice!


GLITTER: When will it premiere? 

JANE: The show premieres Wednesday August 5th at 9pm on ABC Family.


GLITTER: What can you tell us about Generation V? 

JANE: We consider Gen V to be those born between 1996-2011 — so a little younger than the candidates on the show — who most people call Millenials. Gen V’s are teens now, and probably going to be extremely tech savvy, a little more pessimistic than the Millennials, and possibly a bit more rebellious! They are still in formation, but it is clear they are already wise beyond their years.


GLITTER: What is the biggest faux pas that many young adults make when trying to get a job? 

JANE: Not bringing a resume (actually multiple copies) to an interview is a huge mistake. Second, people need to remember to talk about what they can do for the company, not what the company can do for THEM.  ALWAYS follow up with an email thank you and a handwritten note. A follow up is a great way to remind them of who you are and reinforce anything you felt you weren’t able to state. And though not a faux pas, I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is to talk in generalities, versus giving specific examples.


GLITTER: What is the best advice you can give anyone trying to get a new job?

JANE: Don’t get discouraged!!! Finding a job can take time. Finding the RIGHT job can take months! Keep sending out your resume. Keep following up. Keep calling. Don’t take no for an answer. Sometimes a company that had no positions two months ago will have one now. So keep at it.


GLITTER: Is it okay to ask about salary and benefits in an interview? 

JANE: NO! Conventional wisdom and most experts suggest that you DO NOT ask the salary and benefits during an interview. It’s sort of like asking someone on a first date how many children they want to have! Remember, they are interviewing you! Once you get the job, you can inquire. OR you can ask HR (if there is a department) or go to a site like to get a sense of what the salary range might be.


GLITTER: What is the strangest job you’ve ever had? 

JANE: I once had to demonstrate Swiffers in the middle of the mall and show people how well they cleaned. I LOVE swiffers, but I had to repeat the same monologue every 20 minutes and then the people watching got a chance to spin a wheel to win a coupon or free swiffer.  One woman sat there for about 4 hours and spun the wheel about 10 times. It was pretty rough. But I still have my swiffer!


GLITTER: How long should someone work before they ask for a raise? 

JANE: Typically you should wait a year to ask for a raise. But remember that in this economy, your company may have a raise freeze. Be sure to ask when you can point to specific examples of accomplishments, ways you’ve helped the business, and ideally after you’ve done something particularly impressive. If however, your role has dramatically (I mean seriously increased, you can consider asking for a raise after 3-6 months.


GLITTER: How can fans follow you and the show? 

JANE: The best place to follow me is on Instagram or twitter @janebuckingham and the show on Facebook and Twitter @jobornojob.







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