Interview: Max Schneider


Max Schneider is multi-talented. Not only is he an actor, but he’s also an amazing singer. Max recently sat down with Glitter to talk about his video for his single, “Darling,” what it was like to work with Hoodie Allen and MKTO, his upcoming album release, playing songs on the ukulele, the best pick-up line he’s ever received, and his role in the indie movie, Love & Mercy.

Interview by: @HeatherRiccio

GLITTER: Where did the idea for the video for “Darling” come from? Is that song on your new upcoming album?

MAX: I came up with the idea with the director Alfredo Flores. We just wanted to tell a love story in a way that hadn’t been done before and having this idea of the girl continuing to disappear and never knowing if she’s real or a fantasy felt powerful. The song is off my latest EP, “The Say MAX EP.”

GLITTER: What was it like to work with Hoodie Allen and MKTO?

MAX: It’s always awesome working with Hoodie. We’ve only known each other about a year but we’ve become really close so working together is super natural and awesome. The MKTO guys were great. Really awesome dudes and were so cool when we did the video together.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your upcoming album release? Will fans be able to buy a limited signed copy?

MAX: Well, I’ve been working on this album for a very long time, but it’s definitely been worth the patience and wait. I got to work with fantastic people on it like Pharrell, Hoodie Allen, Jake Sinclair, Amir Salem and a bunch more. Definitely would love to get signed copies to all of the fans I can. It’s all about the fans always. My people.


Photo credit: Jade Ehlers

GLITTER: What is your favorite song to play on the ukulele?

MAX: So tough… I love playing “Streets of Gold” which is off my EP. It just always feels good but playing Billie Jean is also one of my favorites for sure.

GLITTER: What’s been one of your favorite YouTube collaborations to date?

MAX: Again, so tough. Definitely one of my favorites was the Maroon 5 Medley with Victoria Justice and Kurt Schneider. It was one of our first big productions for a medley or cover video and it will always be a really special one. I think it’s at around 20 million views now, which is awesome.

GLITTER: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

MAX: I definitely want to get my album out as soon as possible and I would love to do more touring overseas because I’ve never done that.


GLITTER: What has been the best pick-up line you’ve ever received?

MAX: “Hey baby, can I touch your booty?”

GLITTER: Favorite gift from a fan?

MAX: I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful gifts. One of my first was a peace sign necklace from a fan and I’ve definitely worn that a lot. Reminds me that none of it would be possible without them.

GLITTER: Will you be on tour for this upcoming album and if so, where will you be and when?

MAX: Not sure yet but I definitely will tour when the album drops. Like I said overseas would be really awesome! I want to go everywhere, haha!

GLITTER: Tell us about the People Keep Talking tour. Where are you playing and who are you playing with.

MAX: Well, it’s my dude Hoodie Allen’s headline tour and Chiddy Bang is the other support act. It’s been really amazing. We did a 30 cities all around the US through the end of 2014!


GLITTER: Can you tell us about your role in the indie feature, Love & Mercy?

MAX: I played Van Dyke Parks, who produced the “Smile” Beach Boys album. I got to work mostly with Paul Dano, who plays Brian Wilson, as a young man which was amazing. He’s a really incredible actor and an awesome guy.

GLITTER: Do you wait for things to happen or make them happen?

MAX: Always make them happen.

GLITTER: Any exciting news you can reveal to our readers?

MAX: If you’re reading this, you’re the bomb thanks for taking the time. Always surprising up my sleeve for you guys! 😉

And we leave with with Max’s beyond amazing new video for “Gibberish”! You’re welcome! 😀


Download “Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen)” on iTunes (69 cents only) on Google Play or listen on Spotify Video directed by Greg Jardin, presented by the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

New album coming soon on DCD2.

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