Interview with Saara Chaudry

Saara Chaudry is best known for her role as Howie on Nickelodeon’s Max & Shred. Did you know that Saara has two nicknames and works with the Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign? We didn’t till just now. Read on to find out more about this talented actress!image2 


Photo credit: Denise Grant

GLITTER: How is it acting on Max & Shred?

SAARA: Acting on Max & Shred has been an amazing experience.  Everyone involved, the cast, the crew and everyone else behind the scene have been so great. The kids Jake, Jonny, Emilia and myself all get along really well and have become very close.  They are like my second family.

I have also learned so much about not only acting, but also about the whole process- the writing, filming, editing, sound, etc.  I find it all very interesting.

GLITTER: Who do you play?

SAARA: I play Jill Finch, better known as Howie.   Howie lives next door to the Ackerman’s but always seems to be at the Ackerman’s home, coming through the window in Alvin’s bedroom.  She is super smart and helps Alvin (Shred) with his inventions but also has a huge crush on Max.  Howie is a great role for me, because I am like Howie in many ways.  I love science and math, I’m good at school and I have a nickname similar to Howie.

GLITTER: Why did your siblings nickname you “little drama queen”?

SAARA: My brother and sister nicknamed me “little drama queen” because from the time I was very little I was always acting and performing.  And I always was able to get away with things by turning on  and off the tears or charm.

My other nickname is “Dish” !  Just like Howie,  I was very curious when I was little and kept pointing to things asking “what is this”?   But because I was still learning to speak and I had a lisp it came out as “Dis”.  So my family started calling me Dish or variations of Dish like Dishy or Dishy Doo.


Photo credit: Denise Grant

GLITTER: What do you like to do on your free time?
SAARA: I love both listen to and make music.  I sing, play the piano, ukulele and am starting to learn to play the guitar. I also love to read and just hang out with my friends.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign?
SAARA: As a girl, living and growing up in North America, I’m extremely lucky.  I have the opportunity to get a great education and hopefully go on to study at university.  I have no barriers as a girl. I have an equal opportunity as boys do. Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, like Africa and some parts of Asia, girls are not as fortunate and are denied an education just because they are girls.

Because I am a Girl works in some of these parts of the world to help change this and help more girls go to school.  I would like to help in whatever small way I can to help girls all around the world get an education.

I first learned about the Because I am a Girl campaign from my sister who is involved with their speakers’ bureau.  I became involved by being part of a commercial and then asking people to donate to Because I am a Girl instead of giving me birthday presents.

GLITTER: Is there something about you fans would be surprised to know?

SAARA: I love olives and my nickname is Dish. I also love watching all kinds of “how to” YouTube videos  – cooking, makeup, science experiments, musical instruments…you name it, I love watching it.

GLITTER: What would be a dream role for you?
SAARA: I love acting on TV and in theatre and I love music (musical theatre as well as pop).  I hope I’m lucky enough to be able to continue to do both.  A show where I can act and sing or musical theatre

GLITTER: Is there someone you’d like to work with that you haven’t worked with already?
SAARA: This could be a very long list, so I’ll try to narrow it down.  Acting, I’d like to do something with Adam Sandler. Musically, I’d love to be able to do something with Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato, Meghan Trainor, or Carly Rae Jepsen.

GLITTER: What projects are you working on next?
SAARA: We are about to begin production on Max & Shred, Season 2 in a couple of weeks, which I’m excited about.

GLITTER: What is your definition of self-love?

SAARA: To me self-love means being myself and believing in myself.  Being true to myself and what I believe in and not giving in to peer pressure or bullies and not trying to be something that I am not.  Being proud of myself and what I do, which means being good to others and to myself.  Doing things that I enjoy and making the most of everyday.  Being Happy with myself because I am different and unique which is a good thing.

GLITTER: How can your fans follow you?

SAARA: Instagram -@saarachaudry

Twitter-  @SaaraChaudry

YouTube- SaaraChaudry123

Facebook – Saara Chaudry





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