NEXT model, Bo ‘T Jong, joins our #SelfLove Campaign

Up and coming NEXT model, Bo ‘T Jong, joins our #SelfLove Campaign! To see what you can do to be a part, CLICK here: #SELFLOVE


Glitter recently sat down with Bo ‘T Jong to talk about her contract with NEXT modeling agency, how she got into modeling, what an average day looks like to her, what her definition of self-love is, and the five things in her purse that she can’t live without. Read on to find out more about this extremely talented up-and-coming model on the rise!

GLITTER: How did you get into modeling?

BO: When I was fourteen-years-old, I was on the hunt for a weekend job. I thought that most of the jobs in my village were pretty boring and I loved the idea of working in a big city like Amsterdam. Finally, I just decided to be bold and take a chance. The next day, I sent my photos to one of the biggest agencies in Amsterdam and that was it. They liked my photos and I started with their agency within the next few weeks.

GLITTER: How do you stay focused and on track and not get caught up in the “party girl” aspect of the industry?

BO: At seventeen, I don’t party at all! I just think it’s a complete waste and I have no interest. I don’t really think it’s worth my time to dance the night away and be incredibly exhausted in the morning. A good night’s rest is key for a model. I would rather enjoy a nice dinner with friends and have a delicious dining experience.  Good food and good friends, that’s my kind of Friday night!

GLITTER: Where have you been seen so far and what would be your ideal place or brand to work with?

BO: I worked a lot in Europe, but I have to say that New York City is my absolute favorite location. The main reason is that there are so many different neighborhoods, and each presents such a different feel. Plus, I don’t think I could ever get bored in New York City.

GLITTER: Do you have any advice for teens wanting to make it in modeling?

BO: I have a few tips for the budding model. First, make sure this is something you really want to do, as it is actually not as easy as it looks to be a model. Secondly, always have a touchstone, a friend or a parent, someone you can always talk to about all of your modeling woes. Finally, be committed and make sure to stay on track with your health and wellbeing. This is by far the most important rule of thumb!

GLITTER: What is an average day like for you?

BO: An average day starts with an early workout because it gives me tons of energy and gets me through the day. After that I have a nice filling breakfast; my favorites are an acai bowl, oatmeal banana pancakes and of course a bowl of fresh fruit. From there, I’ll go to my job or a few castings. At night, I do another workout session or sometimes I have dinner with friends.

GLITTER: Do you ever get nervous on the job, if so how do you combat that?

BO: I know it’s funny, but not really. I’m not a nervous person in general and I think to succeed in this industry you need to have that confidence. If you do have a little nervous energy, I suggest using it when you are on the runway.

GLITTER: What do you do daily that supports your own self love?

BO: I do love to work out, it makes me feel super energized and I think that makes everyone feel better about themselves. Also, staying fit is the healthy thing to do and I feel much more confident about my body. I also really love reading, it’s real brain food and I feel more knowledgeable.

GLITTER: Fitness is important to you, can you tell us how you stay in shape?

BO: I grew up at the beach side of Holland, so I loved to go jogging on the beach. It’s really an amazing workout! However, being in NYC a beach workout is near impossible. Right now, I do cardio workouts for forty minutes and every two days I do some muscle training.  I also love to go to Barry’s Bootcamp with friends, talk about an intense and incredibly satisfying workout!

GLITTER: Name 5 things in your purse you can’t live without! 

BO: 1- Doggy treats: I have a puppy and I bring them everywhere to keep her happy. Just in case!

2- Polaroid Camera: I absolutely love to take candid shots of my friends. When it’s an unexpected photo, it’s the best photo in my opinion. It’s a little heavy, but so worth it.

3- Notebook: I am the ultimate list maker, so I like to carry a notebook and keep everything on my mind organized.

4- Hand Sanitizer: I’m a little obsessed with cleaning lol.

5-Mini iPad: I love watching Netflix while I travel or wait for work.


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