Dana-Maxx Pomerantz is the mastermind behind the advanced contemporary collection Dana-Maxx. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be in fashion, so much so that she had a “store” in her own bedroom. She’s worked with heavyweights like Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs. Glitter recently sat down with Dana to discuss her new collection, a day in the life of Dana-Maxx, and her advice for GIRLS WHO ROCK! who want to be in the fashion industry. We have to say her advice is the best and something I think everyone should listen to. Read on to find out more about this inspiring fashion icon! 


GLITTER: How and when were you inspired to pursue fashion?

DANA: I knew that I wanted to be in fashion since I was a young girl. I had a “store” in my bedroom – my stuffed animals were my customers and I would sketch different designs for them. I still have the sketches I did to this day!

GLITTER: Describe a day in the life of Dana-Maxx. 

DANA: Every day is different, which is what’s so great about being in the fashion industry. You never know what the day will bring, who you will meet, or where you will go. There is always a sense of wonder and excitement. My day can consist of anything from being in meetings or fittings to sketching or interacting with customers. Possibilities are endless!

GLITTER: Can you tell us about your new collection?

DANA: The new collection is inspired by everyday street style, and because of the direction of this collection, we were able to incorporate some of our best sellers into this collection too. I think the most fascinating thing you can do is just walk the streets of New York. I love seeing how people style themselves and make clothing their own. The way someone can mix something casual with something high end, throw on a pair of sneakers, and make it look very chic is unbelievable to me.

GLITTER: How does architecture play a role in your designs?

DANA: I am always inspired by architecture. Architecture is very structured but there is so much more to it than meets the eye.  The lines, shapes and silhouettes of a building create a beautiful, cohesive and fluid piece of work and evoke the feeling of strength and power. Similar to this, the Dana-Maxx brand is very much about empowering women so there is a lot of symbolism in what I do.
 GLITTER: What inspires your use of color?

DANA: My mind is very vivid, I dream in color! Also New York is such an incredible place to draw inspiration from. Between the beautiful sunsets and thought provoking color palettes of girls walking around the city, it is easy to be inspired here.

 GLITTER: Who are some of your designer favorites?

DANA: I love Balmain, Oliver Rousteing always seems to create glamorous pieces that have such an ease about them. DVF is an empowering staple in the fashion industry and iconic for developing flattering women’s silhouettes. I also love Matthew Williamson’s play on color.  Besides the more noteable designers, I love sifting through a great vintage store!

GLITTER: Who has been your favorite person to dress so far and why?
DANA: I have been blessed to have been able to work with and dress various celebrities and incredible real women. But one moment in particular that I will always remember was when Tyra Banks wore our Elie Lace Dress on Jimmy Fallon and showed off her impressive twerking skills. I could not get over how a beautiful woman, in a form fitting dress, was twerking on national TV – before twerking even became popular! I thought it was brilliant. Plus, Tyra showed viewers how comfortable our dresses are – no matter what activity you are performing!
GLITTER: Can you tell us more about your Weekly Empowerment section on social media? What inspired you to start that?
DANA: I try and keep a very positive outlook on life and I want the Dana-Maxx brand to embody the same kind of empowerment and positivity. It’s no secret the fashion industry isn’t always the kindest, so spreading that positive motivation to our followers, can only do good and bring about goodness.
GLITTER: What philanthropies are you involved with?
DANA: The Women’s Funding Network, JDRF for Type 1 Diabetes Research, Embrace Kid’s Foundation, and Feed the Children are a few of my favorites.  I was raised that no matter how little you have, you should always give back – whether it is with your time or your money. I firmly believe that you get back what you put in life.
GLITTER: What advice do you have for GIRLS WHO ROCK, who are aspiring to work in the design industry?
DANA: Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s, don’t get hung up on rejection and blame, and never accept “no” as the final say – a “no” can lead to a “maybe” which can lead to a “yes.” And finally, work hard for what you want and be nice to everyone from the CEO to the janitor –  you never know when your paths may cross again!