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I would LOVE to buy some new clothes for  school but I have no money and my parents can’t afford to give me any either. I don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t have anything new on the first day of school!  Anna, San Rafael, CA

I completely understand how you feel. Yours truly didn’t always have money for new clothes either! One thing you could do is to swap clothes with a friend and wear them your own way. OR you could organize a larger wardrobe exchange with 10-15 friends. No money has to change hands, just have everyone bring clothes they like but don’t wear anymore. New wardrobe instantly!

I recently heard a rumor about myself that is definitely not true. I don’t know how it started and I don’t know how to stop it. I’m so embarrassed and don’t want to go back to school with people thinking this horrible thing about me. What should I do?  Bridget, Des Moines, IA

Ugh, rumors. First of all, you know that the rumor is false so you can hold your head high when you walk through the front doors of your school. Secondly, the sad truth about rumors is that the bigger fuss you make about them, the more damage they do. Acceptance is a really hard skill to cultivate but it’s worth it in the long run. You won’t be able to squash the rumor but you can outlive it with dignity. Rely on your friends to set the record straight and know that a new rumor – about someone else – will soon rear its ugly head.

I’ve gained a lot of weight this summer and am afraid of what kids will say when I get back to school. I don’t want to be teased.  I wish I could transfer somewhere else! Any advice?  Theresa, Brooklyn, NY

Have you thought about why you gained a lot of weight this summer? Were you not eating the right foods? Not exercising enough? Or eating the wrong portions? I would focus first on the reasons for your weight gain and then look at ways you can regain a healthy body image. If your issue was unhealthy eating habits, refer back to our great interview with Daphne Oz (Summer ‘12) about healthy attitudes toward food that focus on flexibility and moderation, not restrictiveness (my favorite line: “creating a healthy lifestyle is permanent, so it has to be flexible”). If you have not been exercising, get moving! This is the perfect opportunity to try some of those sporty activities you haven’t had time for before.  In time, you will lose the weight and feel better about yourself. Until then, if you are really anxious about people commenting on your weight gain, be sure to clothe the body you have, not the one you used to have. Wear clothes that streamline your silhouette (low-waisted bottoms, wrap dresses and shirts, etc). This means no short shirts or tight tank tops that will cut into your midriff and leave you looking ribbed! Go to a clothing store and try on as many different styles as possible until you find those clothes that make you look gorgeous!

I think my boyfriend might be seeing someone behind my back but I can’t prove it. I can hardly be around him anymore I’m so mad and confused. How can I get over this suspicion?  Tara, Tucson, AZ

You can’t really get over a suspicion until you confront it. You have no real choice but to talk to him about this.  But be prepared for his response. If there is even a hint that he is cheating, end it now. You deserve better!

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