JuneAmbroseFinalJune Ambrose talks to Glitter about her  shoe line on HSN, styling celebrities like Alicia Keys, Estelle, and Mariah Carey, and her switch from investment banking to styling!

Author and stylist extraordinaire, June Ambrose, answers your toughest questions in GLITTER’s ASKANEXPERT section. Her agency, the Mode Squad, Inc. is responsible for some of the hottest looks in Hollywood today. Her client list include such icons as Mariah Carey, Zoe Saldana, Missy Elliott, Kelly Ripa, Kim Cattrall,  Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Estelle, Garcelle Beauvais and Ciara, to name a few. Her reality show, Styled By June, aired last year on VH1. June has a new shoe line launching on HSN, and believes knowledge is power. Work hard and your dreams will come true.

GLITTER: How did you get started in styling? What made you switch from investment banking to styling?
JUNE: I was surrounded by fashion from a young age. My mom owned and atelier in the Caribbean and worked in fashion when she came to this country. I started designing my Barbie doll clothes with my grandma curtain at 6! I studied theatre in high school and costume designed some of the productions during that time! It was my calling; Working in investment banking gave me my foundation financially to start my business as well as a short internship at a record company.

GLITTER: What are some of your favorite celebrities that you have styled and why?
JUNE: I worked with a lot of celebrities and many of them are favorites! To name a few Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Ne-Yo.

GLITTER: Tell us about your sense of style and what inspires you daily?
JUNE: I’m fearless when I comes to fashion, I like taking things out of context. Mixing sporty pieces with lady-like silhouettes is an example of that! I feel like fashion is mute without style, so a loud accessory is my voice!

GLITTER: Your favorite designers?
JUNE: I love Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim, YSL, and Rag & Bone.

GLITTER: What is on your “Gotta have it for spring list”?
JUNE: Pastel biker jacket, graffiti prints, neon bold basics & a khaki suit! All these things will go great with my HSN shoe collection!

GLITTER: Name 3 accessories you can’t live without?
JUNE: My sunglasses, a good stacked heel, and my iPhone.

GLITTER: What is on your music playlist? Top 5…..
JUNE: Cold Play, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Adele.

GLITTER: How was it filming STYLED BY JUNE for VH1 and can we expect more from you on screen in the future?
JUNE: Filming the show was great and I have no regrets! You can definitely expect more from me on television. I like to say stay tuned.

GLITTER: What does it take to have a sense of style?
JUNE: An open mind and confidence helps. It’s all about translation and fit is also a big factor. Knowing what looks great on you allows you be a savvier, classic shopper! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

GLITTER: How can a teen get started in evaluating and fine tuning a sense of style on a budget?
JUNE: Second hand shops are the new vintage retailers! You can find gently used garments for a quarter of the cost and the big box retailers are creating phenomenal looks for less. Going preppy is a great way to refine your look as a teenager as well! Build smart & still be a tart!

GLITTER: If you could put a look together on a budget, what stores would you pull from and why?
JUNE: I like Forever 21 & JCPenney has great private label brands for all ages and Forever 21 goes from sassy to classy if you know how to navigate around the sequins bra tips! Lol!

GLITTER: What trends are you looking forward to seeing this spring on the streets?
JUNE:Tom Boy chic, lady-like eyelets and lace frocks, and bringing metallic to the day time!
GLITTER: Your daughter is so stylish. How have you been an inspiration to her with styling and what’s it like seeing her grow and transform creatively before your eyes?
JUNE: My daughter is my mini muse; she has a fun approach to girly fashion! She is very retro for her age as well! We have play dates in my closet and when she’s off from school she comes to work with me and attends fashion week! Blogging has also given her a voice and express what 365 days of summer is like!

GLITTER: Tell us about your shoe line and what can we expect?
JUNE: The collection was inspired by iconic divas from the 70’s and my Caribbean roots. It’s fused with sassy, sexy lady like materials and silhouettes! I love the idea of bringing disco to the day time! A shoe that is timeless but still on trend. Bold & can reinvent a women’s wardrobe effortlessly!

GLITTER: How is it for you seeing all of your dreams come true?
JUNE: It’s humbling and I’m taking one day at a time! I dream with my eyes open and I have lots to get done.

GLITTER: Any words of wisdom for Girls Who Rock trying to make it in the field of styling and fashion?
JUNE: I say knowledge is power the more you know and understand about the industry of styling, the more valuable to are to your clients! You are your best asset when it comes to selling yourself! Protect your brand and prepare to work long and hard hours.