Interview with Emblem3



Glitter Magazine loves Emblem3! We recently sat down to catch up with brothers, Wesley and Keaton, from Emblem3. For those of you who may not know, but we suspect all of our readers do, Emblem3 was discovered on Fox’s The X Factor, mentored by the amazing Simon Cowell, and in the top 4 last season. In this exclusive interview, we spoke to Wesley and Keaton about what it was like being on The X Factor last season, their advice to those wanting to pursue a career in music, their pre-show rituals, and what they do on their downtime.  

GLITTER: Where did you grow up?
WESLEY: We were born in Sequim, WA, but we grew up in Huntington Beach, California.

GLITTER: How did Emblem3 become Emblem3? Had you always sung together before The X Factor?
WESLEY: Yeah, we’ve been a band since we were kids. Feels like Keaton and I have been performing since birth! We met Drew at a party while we were still in school. We didn’t get along at first, but heard him shred a Blink 182 song and knew we needed him in our band. That’s how it started!

GLITTER: What was it like being in the Top 4 on The X
Factor last season?
KEATON: Being in the top 4 on last season’s The X Factor was amazing! It was such an honor to be in the presence of such talented people.

GLITTER: Who was your favorite judge and why?
KEATON: My favorite judge was Simon Cowell. Probably because he was our mentor and I got to build the best relationship with him. Although, Demi was super cute. Haha!

GLITTER: Do you get nervous before getting on stage? Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?
KEATON: I usually get a tad bit nervous before going on stage, but nothing extreme. And our pre-show ritual usually just includes all of us yelling at the top of our lungs or singing “Santeria” by Sublime.

GLITTER: Which is your favorite track from your album, Nothing to Lose?
KEATON: My favorite track from Nothing to Lose is “3000 Miles” because that song really relates to my situation. Being only seventeen and out on tour, away from home, I can sometimes get a little bit homesick. So that song just really relates, and when I sing it on stage, it always gets emotional for me.

GLITTER: What’s been your favorite song to perform live?
WESLEY: Probably “Nothing to Lose” or “Sunset Blvd.”  “Sunset Blvd.” was the first song that really broke us, but “Nothing To Lose” just has such awesome sounds on the track. And I think it really stands for why we went on The X Factor in the first place.

GLITTER: When you’re
not busy recording or performing, what do you enjoy doing on your
KEATON: I usually go
surfing on my downtime.
Or just record and write more music. Haha!

GLITTER: What advice can you give to those wanting to pursue a career in music?
WESLEY: You have to be secure in knowing who you are as an artist. Spend some time trying to new things and figure out what your style is before you take that leap.

GLITTER: What are some of your favorite winter activities?
WESLEY: Definitely snowboarding! I can’t wait till its wintertime so I can get out there.

GLITTER: What’s your favorite holiday?
KEATON: My favorite holiday is Christmas because there is just so much joy in everyone’s hearts.