Keli Price talks Side Effects!

Glitter Magazine recently sat down with Keli Price to talk about his new show, Side Effects, on Awesomeness TV, what movie he’d love to act in, how he got into the business, and his celebrity crushes. Did you know his family was also in the business? We didn’t. Read on to find out all about Keli Price!

GLITTER: Who do you play on your show, Side Effects, on Awesomeness TV?

KELI: I play Zak, and it’s about five kids whose parents are out of the equation. The five of them are living in a house and I basically grew up in that house. I’ve had an antagonistic relationship with my best friend Jason’s younger sister, Lexi, and for the longest time we’ve had strong feelings for each other, but we don’t show it. It comes out at times. Eventually it takes control, and we are forced to confront our feelings.

GLITTER: Do you relate to you character in any way?

KELI: I would say so. He’s a kind-hearted guy who has good intentions, even if he lashes out towards Lexi or doesn’t show his feelings right away, everybody has had that experience. I can relate in that sense, and I could relate in the sense that growing up I’ve had crushes on my best friend’s sister, and it’s a tough situation. It’s like what Zak is dealing with. Is friendship more important than this relationship with a girl? A lot of people have to deal with it and it’s a tricky situation.

GLITTER: We agree! So, if you could go back in time and act with anybody in ANY movie, who would it be and which movie?

KELI: Hmm… the first movie that pops into my head is The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman. He had such a powerful performance in that movie, and I would’ve loved to be part of that or act opposite of that because this character was so complex. Also, I would’ve LOVED to be in Ordinary People. I remember watching that movie and relating SO much to it because my little brother is the most important thing in my life growing up, and his brother drowns in the movie.

GLITTER: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing? We know you sing, but if you weren’t in the entertainment business?

KELI: I would like to get into sports behind the scenes, either a sports broadcaster or something like that. I’ve always loved sports.

GLITTER: What sports do you play?

KELI: Basketball is my biggest thing. It’s like meditation.

GLITTER: For fun or competitively?

KELI: I’ve done it competitively my whole life, and still do! But something else would be working with global warming, like an eco-friendly kind of job.

GLITTER: How did you get into the business? Did you start of singing or acting?

KELI: I’ve been singing and acting my whole life behind closed doors, but doing it professionally acting came first. My first role was in 2005 when I portrayed an apprentice jockey.

GLITTER: Do you have a preference between acting/singing?

KELI: It’s funny because music always follows me. I have SO much passion for both, but whenever I do an acting job… it seems like music follows me. Like Side Effects, and I just did a musical movie called The Sound of Magic, which was this really raw, cool shot film and in that movie it’s also a musical. Music has helped me whole life through school, I would sing through my projects and acting was a way to get out of my own head and experience what these characters have gone through. It adds depth to you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

GLITTER: You said you write your own music, do you have a favorite song you’ve written?

KELI: It’s a song called “Something Good” that I wrote about my girlfriend. It’s the closest to my heart that I’ve written. There is not one false line in that song, and that’s the most important thing to me. And then I wrote this song with my dad that was a really cool experience for me called “Give Me a Chance,” and it’s about all these kids doing wrong and someone trying to make them do right. Finding that person to steer you in the right direction, and second chances.

GLITTER: Is your family in the business at all? Or are you the first?

KELI: My uncle had a recording studio in Manhattan for the longest time, and started it in the 80’s. He’s a producer and drummer, and then my dad has a great voice and he plays various instruments. My uncle Lenny was an actor, and growing up with him was understanding what it takes to be an actor and he was in the industry for so long, so he gave me a lot of inspiration and guidance.

GLITTER: Would you say that you want to continue doing acting/music or both such as musicals?

KELI: I couldn’t imagine my life without doing films or doing TV, just not being an actor. I have to do it. It’s a story telling part of myself. And with music, I wouldn’t be able to NOT write music. If my career is just being an actor and I’m able to still write music, that’s great too. Or if my career takes off as a musician that’s good too. I love them both equally and intend on doing both of them!

GLITTER: Do you have any hidden talents?

KELI: I can name every capital of every state in the United States.

GLITTER: How did you learn this?!

KELI: In 5th grade, I was a horrible student and Geography was my one interest. I would always look at maps, and my dad was also a geography freak, so anytime we’d go driving around, he would test me on the capitals and keep testing me. Eventually at the end of 5th grade, I knew all the capitals and I ACED that test.

GLITTER: Awesome! Do you have any celebrity crushes?

KELI: My girlfriend and I always joke around because her parents just moved into this place in the city, and Jennifer Aniston lives right up stairs. She’s always been my childhood crush. The other one is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

GLITTER: Why should people watch Side Effects?

KELI: It’s very relatable, since music is her way out.  It’s dealing with a lot of real issues about absent parents, bullying, and kids coming together to realize that it’s okay to be who you are and that’s how you move through these things and confront them! Besides that, the show is like nothing I have seen on TV. The musical hallucinations, it’s like nothing you’ve seen. Visually it’s incredible. I think that people will get drawn to it just by the visual quality.

GLITTER: Tell us about your music video coming out!

KELI: Soon we are releasing a new video for my single, “Turn You On.” It’s featuring Molly Grey in the music video and it was shot very cool in various parts of Los Angeles, and we have some really cool sequences in there. You can watch it on YouTube, my website, iTunes, anywhere.

I also just finished filming a movie, The Sound of Magic, which is a comedy and should be out sometime next year!

GLITTER: We can’t wait! Thank you, Keli!