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Are you a manga fan? Are you a mystery / thriller fan?  Do you love a goodbook? If you are any of these, check out Diana Renn’s fun summer thriller, Tokyo Heist. Coming out June 14th, this fast-paced novel follows 16 year old Violet – an avid reader of manga who hopes to write one herself someday. The theft of some Vincent van Gogh drawings from her artist father’s patrons pulls her into a mystery of international proportions. Jetting from Seattle to Japan, Violet and her friend Reika search Tokyo and Kyoto for clues, encountering gangsters, intrigue, and romance. 12+ Comment this post and tell us why you should win TOKYO HEIST ! FIVE Winners announced June 15th! Good Luck!

5 responses to “Win Tokyo Heist!”

  1. deadtossedwaves says:

    I was lucky enough to witness a Van Gogh in real life. His work is just absolutely stunning! I’m such an art addict. I’ve been wanting to get my hands since I read the premise.

  2. DGmolly says:

    I’ve been a japanophile for a long time. I discovered geisha and was hooked. Van Gogh is also my favorite artist. I was lucky to go to his exhibit at the Smithsonian when I was 17. I’ll never forget it. His work is completely different when you see it up close. When I read the synopsis of Tokyo Heist, I knew I had to read it.

  3. rosalbaz says:

    I would like to win because i usually don’t read mystery / thriller but this would be a great chance to start not to mention that summer vacation is officially about to start once we get out of school so i’ll have a lot of time=)

  4. soccergoalie29 says:

    I believe that I should win because the last book I won, I absolutely loved and I thought it was amazing and I think it would be great to receive another book! I love thrillers!! Summer vacation has started and I’m in desperate need of another book!

  5. Glitter Magazine says:

    soccergoalie29 , rosalbaz, DGmolly, deadtossedwaves, You all won! Email us at with your full name, mailing address and Glitter username! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!

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