Interview with Jennette McCurdy!

Jennette McCurdy is best known for her role as sassy Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s hit show iCarly. Jennette began her career at age 7, appearing in television shows, films, and commercials.  She was only 8 years old when she landed her first role on Mad TV!  Two years ago on her 17th birthday, Jennette signed with Capitol Nashville Records to begin work on a country music career and has already released two hit singles, “Not That Far Away” and “Generation Love.” Whether it’s acting or singing, this girl is a true star! Check out her exclusive interview with Glitter Magazine below!

GLITTER: What’s your favorite part about writing and recording music?
JENNETTE: Writing music is very therapeutic to me, and it’s a way to get out everything I am feeling.  I hope others can relate to the things I write about in my songs.

GLITTER: What has been your favorite iCarly episode to film?
JENNETTE: I loved shooting “iGo to Japan” because we got to be outside a lot and our call times were really late because we had so many night scenes. It was pouring rain so the cast would huddle together in between takes and drink hot chocolate. Shooting that episode was such a great bonding experience.

GLITTER: You’re filming an episode for Penguins of Madagascar.  What’s it like to record for an animated series compared to your other projects?
JENNETTE: Well it’s more, in a word, animated. Working on Penguins was a blast.  You get to be very lively and very hyper. Since you’re not on camera, you could technically wear your pajamas to work, which is pretty boss.

GLITTER: You recently got your driver’s license.  How do you feel being able to go out on the road?
JENNETTE:  Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

GLITTER: Who is one of your music inspirations?
JENNETTE:  I draw inspiration from so many different singers and styles – it feels too narrowed to pinpoint just one or two.  I could go on for days!

GLITTER: If you weren’t an actress or singer, what would you want your career to be?
JENNETTE:  I would love being a tour guide at Universal Studios.

GLITTER: Many fans get star struck when meeting you, have you ever experienced being star struck?
JENNETTE: Of course I get star struck too! Meeting Johnny Depp was crazy.  I met Michelle Kwan a few weeks ago and we took a picture together.  Then she gave me her number so that I could text it to her.  I couldn’t believe it!

GLITTER: How did you feel being able to visit the kids in St. Jude Children’s Hospital along with your iCarly cast?
JENNETTE:  To be honest, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to visit hospitals. These visits aren’t just “part of the job,” where I block out two hours and go draw pictures with sick kids.  It is something that I mentally prepare for and it takes a long time to get back to normal after each visit. Knowing so many people who have been affected by cancer and numerous other diseases make these visits really hit home for me. I always take away a substantial memory and hope some of the kids I visit do as well.

GLITTER: What’s the best part of being able to travel to different places?
JENNETTE: I really cherish the memories I have of my trips. For some reason, when you travel, it’s like your mind picks up on the fact that this is something uncharacteristic, so it tunes in more acutely and remembers better.

GLITTER: When you have a day off is there any television show you like to catch up on that you normally don’t have time to watch?
JENNETTE: I love watching old television shows.  Right now, I’m watching a lot of the early SNL stuff and some News Radio. As for current TV series, I love 30 Rock.

GLITTER: What can fans expect in the new season of iCarly with Sam and Freddie?
JENNETTE: We have a lot of great stuff in store for iCarly fans but they’ll have to tune in to see what happens with Sam and Freddie!

GLITTER: What is going through your head as you’re getting ready to go live on stage to perform in front of a crowd?
JENNETTE:  I’m always thinking “Don’t mess this up.”

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