ASK AN EXPERT: Interview with Joey from The Rachel Zoe Project!

Find out the key to being the best in the fashion industry from our style experts, including designer  Dana Maxx, makeup artist, Joey Maalouf from The Rachel Zoe Project, CW’s America’s Next Top Model cohost and runway expert, Miss J Alexander, as well as Chris March, who stars in his new show Mad Fashion on Bravo! Check out more of our ASK AN EXPERT features here!

Joey Maalouf discovered his passion for makeup and hair when he was 15.  After moving to NYC in 2005, he quickly became makeup artist to the stars, with clients such as Khloe Kardashian and Eva Mendes.

In addition to co-owning a successful salon in Michigan, Joey can be seen on The Rachel Zoe Project, as makeup artist and companion to Rachel Zoe.  Get the latest on Joey Maalouf, his artistic background, and some great beauty tips in Glitter’s exclusive interview!

GLITTER: What is your favorite fashion and/or makeup look for Spring 2012?
JOEY: I’m really into a take on a smoky eye and nude lip… but a very strong clean eyeliner around the whole eye (instead of a smoked out shadow) and a salmon tinted lip (in stead of flesh tone). Or  just lots of mascara and a red lip, clean and simple!

GLITTER MAGAZINE: What made you get into makeup and how did you get started?
JOEY: My brother Elie has been a makeup artist since I was 7 years old, and he moved to NYC when I was 8.  He was and still is a very strong influence in my life.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: Are you self taught or did you go to school?  What is the story behind your training?
JOEY: I am self taught. I started doing makeup when I was 15. I had an after school job at a salon and did anyone’s makeup I could get my hands on. Lots of trial and error brought me to have my own style.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: What product can you not live without?
JOEY: Moisturizer. I cannot leave my house without lathering my whole body!

GLITTER MAGAZINE: For teen girls, what would be your favorite feature to emphasize: Eyes, lips or cheeks?
JOEY: It depends on the girl… but I love a cream blush, you can never go wrong with just a little blush!

GLITTER MAGAZINE: If you had advice for someone on how to fulfill their dreams what would it be?
JOEY: Trust your first instinct, only you have the right answers to make your dreams come true. And let your mistakes teach you to lead yourself in the right direction.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: What are your top favorite makeup brands?
JOEY: OMG! I have so many… NARS,  MAC,  Stila,  TEMPTU… I can go on forever but these brands have products I cannot live without.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: How would you describe your style when it comes to hair, makeup and clothes?
JOEY: Effortless. I don’t like to think to much about my look, and I like consistency. I’ve figured out what works for me and I like to look as natural as possible, even though I use a lot of products I like to look like I don’t.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: Have you always been into art? Do you sketch or design?
JOEY: I LOVE TO DRAW! I do it to wind down and relax, I have a million sketch books filled with random drawings, markers are one of my favorite things. When I was growing up my mom use to let me draw on the walls of our house.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: What is it like working with such a powerhouse like Rachel Zoe?
JOEY: Rachel is truly one of the most FUN and strongest women I know. Knowing her for over six years now, I am barely surprised by the AMAZING things that constantly enter her life. There is never a moment where she doesn’t inspire me.

GLITTER MAGAZINE: What is a typical day like for you with such a busy schedule?
JOEY: Once I arrive to a client, we start off chatting about what the day entails, which will revolve around what look we’ll do. She showers while I set up my hair and makeup K.I.T and in 30-45 mins later she is finished. Then we discuss wardrobe accessories and which shoe and bag and she’s out the door. Usually I leave with my client to make sure she looks her best all day. Once I leave I make sure my kit is clean and I replace any products that I will need for the following day or client. I then call Maalouf Salon in Birmingham, MI, which I co-own with my three brothers to check in. Then I jump on calls about future jobs, or trips and I am usually not in one state longer then 3 weeks. No day is ever the same, but they are all just as FUN!

GLITTER MAGAZINE: Any product recommendations or advice for teen girls who want to perfect a fresh and dewy face on the daily?
JOEY: Tinted Moisturizer and Cream Blush is all you need! Throw on some black mascara and clear lip gloss for some extra punch. Stay away from products that are to powdery they make you look older and not in a good way.

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