Hayley Kiyoko Interview!

Hayley Kiyoko is the talented young star that dazzles crowds with both her acting and singing skills. Hayley proves a girl can do it all with big dreams and talent to match. You may remember Hayley as Velma Dinkley in Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins or on the hit shows Unfabulous and Wizards of Waverly Place. Hayley already has quite the acting experience and she is also part of the all girl group The Stunners. Watch for Hayley in her upcoming role in Lemonade Mouth, a Disney original movie. Meet the girl behind the acting and the music with Glitter Magazine’s exclusive interview!

When did you know you wanted to get into singing and acting?
HAYLEY: There was never a specific moment where I was like ‘I WANT TO SING AND ACT!’ lol… I’ve just always loved to perform. It’s been in my blood since day one.
How did you get your start in both?
HAYLEY: Well my parents bought my first drum set when I was 5 and that began my voyage into music. From there on I continued to play drums, then learned guitar and piano. I would write songs and record them on my 4-track cassette recorder in the garage. Gosh, that sounds like such an ‘old school’ gadget!!! Lol. I was in many school plays and musicals and did a lot of dance after school. In 7th grade I got a commercial agent and booked my first audition. But acting was always just something I did on the side to make money for college and music equipment. I never thought in a million years I would be starring in a movie a couple years later.

What is more fun for you, to sing or act?
HAYLEY: Honestly, I just love performing in general! When you are shooting a movie and/or performing on stage in an arena, the gratification is a completely different process. They are both challenging and
exhilarating in their own ways.

Your energy is amazing! How was it touring with Justin Bieber?
HAYLEY: Let’s just say I had A LOT of material to write in my journal, in a good way! It was one of the most amazing experiences, ever. The energy, the crowd, the crew, the ‘belieber’, so many great memories.

Can you tell us about your role in LEMONADE MOUTH?
HAYLEY: Of course!! I play the firecracker, Stella Yamada. She is the ring leader of the band and convinces everyone to stand up for themselves and others.

What can we expect from the movie?
HAYLEY: A very touching journey about friendship, triumph, and change. With a dope soundtrack!

Can you tell us more about your character?
HAYLEY: She is a vegetarian, makes her own t-shirts and is OBSESSED with lemonade, a.k.a. SISTA STELLA!!

What’s on your playlist right now?
HAYLEY: Marina and the Diamonds, Adele, The Civil Wars.

Who are some of your favorite designers and where do you like to shop?
HAYLEY: Hmmmmm, well Neiman Marcus holds the key to all of the awesome designers, Vince, Marc Jacobs … I personally love to shop at Diesel, LF, Zara, Free People and I also love vintage clothing.

Your hair is so cool! How do you get it to look so fab?
HAYLEY: Aww, thank you!!!!! Hair is so much fun because it always grows back, Lol! My hair wouldn’t be the same without my Sebastian taffy wax.

If you could have a shopping spree at any store which would it be?

Any advice for Girls Who Rock who want to sing or be in a band?
HAYLEY: Make sure you get along with the people in your band and support each other. If you are all in a band, you all have a common goal, so don’t let little dramas or hiccups get in your way. And the most
important thing, COMMAND THAT STAGE!