ASK JILL: Jealous Boyfriend, Help!


This summer has been a complete blast with my girlies. We went everywhere and did everything together. We practically were living together. However, in the midst of all the fun, my boyfriend was getting completely upset that we weren’t hanging out as much. I would skip a couple road trips with my friends to hang out with him, but I still got major attitude. I don’t get it, what should I do?


Hanging out with your best friends is usually a recipe for fun. Being with them 24/7 can definitely put a strain on your relationship with your boyfriend. Jealousy can occur with complaints that all yout time is spent with them, leaving him feeling neglected. First determine, what makes YOU happy. If you would like to devote more time to hanging out with your boyfriend, have a serious talk with him and get to the root of the problem regarding his attitude once you do make time to hang out. If you value your time with your friends, let him know it’s important to you and you are interested in finding a balance. If he is understanding, he should appreciate your honesty and ditch the attitude.

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